1920’s Beauty: Unveiling the Glamour of the Roaring Twenties

Delving into 1920’s beauty, this introduction immerses readers in a unique and captivating narrative that takes them back to the glamorous era of the Roaring Twenties. Discover the significance of beauty during this time and how societal influences shaped the beauty standards of the era.

Explore iconic beauty trends, mesmerizing makeup looks, dazzling hairstyles, and fashionable accessories that defined the 1920s. Get ready to step into the world of flappers and jazz, where beauty was a statement of liberation and self-expression.

Overview of 1920’s Beauty

1920's beauty

During the 1920s, beauty held significant importance in society, reflecting the changing cultural and social landscape of the time. This era, often referred to as the Roaring Twenties, was characterized by a newfound sense of liberation and modernity, which also extended to the realm of beauty.The

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societal influences on beauty standards during the 1920s were manifold. One of the key factors was the rise of the flapper culture, where young women defied traditional gender roles and embraced a more independent and liberated lifestyle. This shift in societal norms had a profound impact on beauty standards, as it called for a more youthful and unconventional look.Iconic

beauty trends and styles emerged during the 1920s, reflecting the spirit of the era. One such example is the bob haircut, which became immensely popular. Women began to cut their hair short, often to chin-length or even shorter, challenging the long-held belief that femininity was tied to long hair.

This bold and daring hairstyle symbolized the newfound freedom and rebellion that characterized the 1920s.Another iconic beauty trend from this era was the use of dramatic makeup. Flappers embraced a bold and daring look, with dark smoky eyes, heavily rouged cheeks, and vibrant red lips.

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This departure from the more natural and subtle makeup styles of previous decades was a direct reflection of the changing attitudes towards beauty and femininity.Furthermore, the 1920s witnessed a shift in body ideals. The idealized figure of the time was slender and boyish, with a flattened bust and hips.

This departure from the curvaceous and hourglass figure of the previous decade was influenced by the desire for a more androgynous and youthful appearance.Overall, the beauty standards of the 1920s were characterized by a rejection of traditional norms and a celebration of individuality and freedom.

The iconic trends and styles that emerged during this era continue to inspire and influence beauty standards to this day.

Makeup in the 1920s

The 1920s was a decade defined by change and liberation, and this was reflected in the makeup looks of the time. Women embraced a bolder and more expressive style, breaking away from the traditional and restrictive beauty standards of the past.

One of the most iconic makeup looks of the 1920s was the dark eyes and bold lips combination. The focus was on creating a dramatic and alluring look that emphasized the eyes and mouth.

Key Features of 1920s Makeup

The key features of 1920s makeup centered around dark eyes and bold lips. Here are some of the key elements:

  • Dark Eyes:Women in the 1920s embraced dark, smoky eyes. They used dark eyeshadows such as charcoal, black, or deep browns to create a sultry and mysterious look. Eyeliner was heavily applied, often in a winged or elongated shape, to further enhance the eyes.

  • Bold Lips:The lips were a focal point of 1920s makeup. Women opted for deep, rich shades such as dark reds, plums, and browns. The lips were often exaggerated and defined, with a Cupid’s bow shape. Lipstick was applied in a precise manner, and sometimes a lip liner was used to enhance the shape.

  • Pale Skin:The ideal complexion in the 1920s was pale and flawless. Women used powders and foundations in lighter shades to achieve a porcelain-like appearance. This was in contrast to the previous trend of heavily powdered and rouged cheeks.

Techniques and Products Used, 1920’s beauty

To achieve the desired makeup looks of the 1920s, women used various techniques and products. Here are some of the commonly used ones:

  • Face Powder:Face powder was a staple in 1920s makeup. Women used it to achieve a smooth and matte complexion. Powder compacts were often decorated with intricate designs to add a touch of glamour.
  • Eye Makeup:Dark eyeshadows, such as kohl or charcoal, were applied to the eyelids and blended into the crease to create depth. Eyeliner was applied along the upper and lower lash lines, with a winged or elongated shape. Mascara was also used to darken and lengthen the lashes.

  • Lipstick:Lipstick was a must-have item in 1920s makeup. Women applied it with precision using a lip brush or directly from the bullet. The popular shades were dark reds, plums, and browns. Some women even used a small brush to define and enhance the shape of their lips.

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In conclusion, the makeup looks of the 1920s were characterized by dark eyes, bold lips, and a pale complexion. Women embraced a more daring and expressive style, breaking away from traditional beauty standards. The use of techniques and products such as dark eyeshadows, bold lipsticks, and face powders helped achieve the desired glamorous and alluring looks of the time.

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Hair and Hairstyles in the 1920s

The 1920s were a time of dramatic change in women’s hairstyles. The traditional long and voluminous locks of the Victorian era were replaced with shorter, more daring cuts. The most iconic hairstyle of the decade was the bob, which symbolized the liberation and independence of women.

Cultural influences played a significant role in shaping the hair trends of the 1920s. The rise of the flapper culture, with its emphasis on women’s rights and freedom, influenced the desire for shorter and more practical hairstyles. Hollywood stars like Louise Brooks and Clara Bow popularized the bob haircut, making it a fashion statement for women across the country.

The Bob

The bob hairstyle became a symbol of the modern woman in the 1920s. It was characterized by its short length, typically reaching just below the ears or chin. The bob was often worn straight, with a blunt cut, but variations with curls and waves also became popular.

The bob was a practical choice for many women, as it required less maintenance compared to longer hairstyles. It allowed women to participate in more active lifestyles and embrace a sense of freedom. The bob also challenged traditional gender norms, as it was considered a bold and daring look for women at the time.

Finger Waves

Another popular hairstyle in the 1920s was finger waves. This elegant and glamorous style involved creating S-shaped waves along the hairline, using the fingers and a styling product. Finger waves were often seen on women attending parties and social events, as they added a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Creating finger waves required some skill and practice, but with the right techniques, it is still possible to recreate this classic look today. Using a comb and some styling gel, you can shape the hair into smooth and defined waves.

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Tips for Recreating 1920s Hairstyles Today

If you’re interested in recreating 1920s hairstyles, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a hairstyling gel or pomade to achieve the sleek and shiny look characteristic of the era.
  • Invest in some hair accessories such as headbands, feathers, or bejeweled clips to add a touch of glamour to your hairstyle.
  • Practice your finger wave technique to master the art of creating those iconic S-shaped waves.
  • Consider trying out different variations of the bob, such as the curly bob or the asymmetrical bob, to find the style that suits you best.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and personalize your 1920s-inspired hairstyle. Add your own twist to make it unique and modern.

By embracing the hairstyles of the 1920s, you can pay homage to a time of change and empowerment for women. Whether you opt for the bold bob or the glamorous finger waves, these hairstyles allow you to channel the spirit of the Roaring Twenties and make a statement with your hair.

Fashion and Accessories in the 1920s: 1920’s Beauty

In addition to the iconic beauty trends of the 1920s, the decade also brought about significant changes in fashion. This era was known for its rebellious and liberating spirit, which was reflected in the clothing styles of the time. Women embraced a more relaxed and carefree look, breaking away from the restrictive corsets and long hemlines of the previous era.

Fashion Trends

The 1920s saw the rise of the flapper dress, which became the epitome of the era’s fashion. These dresses were characterized by their loose and straight silhouette, with dropped waistlines that sat at the hips rather than the natural waist.

The shift in waistlines created a more boyish and androgynous look, challenging the traditional notions of femininity.To achieve the dropped waistline, dresses were often made from lightweight fabrics such as silk or chiffon, allowing for ease of movement. The hemlines also rose significantly, with dresses ending just below the knee or even above it, which was considered scandalously short at the time.

This shorter hemline was a reflection of the newfound sense of freedom and liberation that women were experiencing.

Role of Accessories

Accessories played a crucial role in completing the overall look of the 1920s. They added a touch of glamour and sophistication to the otherwise simple and minimalist outfits. Accessories were used to make a statement and express one’s individuality, allowing women to showcase their personal style.

Popular Accessories


Headbands adorned with feathers, beads, or sequins were a popular accessory in the 1920s. They were often worn low on the forehead, adding a touch of elegance and glamour to the hairstyle.

Long Strands of Pearls

Long strands of pearls were a staple accessory of the 1920s. Women would layer multiple strands of pearls to create a luxurious and opulent look. Pearls symbolized wealth and sophistication, and wearing them was seen as a status symbol.

Cloche Hats

The cloche hat was a signature accessory of the 1920s. These hats had a bell-shaped design that hugged the head, framing the face and accentuating the short bob hairstyles that were popular at the time. They were often made from felt or straw and embellished with ribbons, feathers, or flowers.Accessories

played a significant role in defining the fashion trends of the 1920s. They added a touch of glamour and elegance to the iconic flapper dresses and dropped waistlines, completing the overall look of the era.


In conclusion, the beauty of the 1920s was a reflection of a transformative era that celebrated individuality and freedom. It was a time when women broke free from traditional norms and embraced bold and daring styles. From the iconic bob haircuts to the dark, smoky eyes, and the stunning flapper dresses, the 1920s beauty continues to inspire and captivate us today.

Embrace the spirit of the Roaring Twenties and let the beauty of that era shine through your own unique style.

User Queries

Q: What were the popular beauty trends of the 1920s?

A: The 1920s were known for their bold and rebellious beauty trends. Flapper girls popularized the iconic bob haircuts, dark smoky eyes, and bold red lips.

Q: How did societal influences shape beauty standards in the 1920s?

A: The 1920s marked a period of significant social change, with women gaining more independence and freedom. This influenced beauty standards, leading to a preference for shorter haircuts, androgynous fashion, and a more liberated attitude towards makeup.

Q: What were some popular accessories in the 1920s?

A: Accessories played a crucial role in completing the 1920s look. Headbands adorned with feathers or jewels, long strands of pearls, and cloche hats were some of the popular accessories of the time.

Q: How can I recreate 1920s hairstyles today?

A: To recreate 1920s hairstyles, you can try finger waves, pin curls, or the iconic bob haircut. There are plenty of tutorials and resources available online to help you achieve the desired look.

Q: What defined the fashion trends of the 1920s?

A: The 1920s fashion was characterized by flapper dresses, dropped waistlines, and loose, flowing silhouettes. The aim was to achieve a more relaxed and carefree style, in contrast to the corseted and restrictive fashion of previous decades.